My work reports a temporal arc of more than four decades of artistic activity in which the presence of the textile-tapestry element is always present and it is inseparable from painting and drawing.

The technicity inherent to my production includes the language of the traditional tapestry but it also performs contemporary breakages through the application of unusual materials allied to subverted techniques which expressiveness  highlight the telluric character of its framework.

I appeal to the most diverse textile materials, to the methods of creating tapestry, to the blends such as chromatic palettes, to the threads that intend to be drawing lines, to the outlines of the shapes highlighted by fabrics and papers, to gluing processes as a plastic strategy of Modernity, among many other processes which are part of the structure of my work.

The creation of new plastic languages in contemporary concepts is implicit in all these procedures. This attitude and the way of construction is a lengthy process in which I have been dialoguing and identifying the expressive properties of the several materials. This relationship of sensuality with the materials that encircle me is part of the way I experience life and fosters in me silences made of long observations that set the creation and materialization of my almost tactile work.




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